Why we blog in our classrooms – lesson 26

The first few techie brekkie sessions this year have been designed to revisit some of last years topics. The reasons for starting our year in this way were twofold. Firstly we have several new staff and secondly it is good to be reminded of some of the programs we first considered early last year.
This week we looked at blogging in our classrooms. We reaffirmed our commitment to be a blogging school and we discussed our reasons for blogging with our classes.
These included:

  • An increased openness with parents about what is occuring in our classrooms. This is leading to better relationships with the parents of our students and a greater sense of community.
  • The students are writing for an authentic audience, attracting readers to the class blog and individual student blogs increases their sense of self worth as a writer.
  • Blogging with students integrates  technology into the classroom in a seamless way. Students become competent uses of many different programs as they seek ways to express themselves in their blogs.
  • It is a way to teach cyber safety in a ‘real’ setting.

Another teacher who writes anout why we should blog  in our classrooms is Anne Mirtschin, she has been blogging for many years with her students and her top twenty reasons to blog, provide compelling evidence of its benefits.

Obviously some teachers and parents have fears or concerns about blogging and possible safety concerns. This is an excellent post by Ronnie Burt from edublogs which should answer some of your possible concerns. It also discusses issues surrounding the use of student photographs.

I recommended my staff listen to this excellent Virtual staffroom podcast by Chris Betcher, in which he talks to two inspiring teachers Kathleen Morris and Linda Yollis. They are successfully integrating blogging  into an Australian year 2 class and a Californian grade 3 class.

Still unconvinced of the merits of blogging with your class? Hopefully  this image from ‘e:update 015′ published by the ‘Primary English Teaching Association’ will convince you.

So you are interested in starting but just not sure how to go about it?  A great place to start is with Sue Water’s excellent post ‘How to create a class blog’. Our school uses edublogs as our blogging host platform. Each of our classes is now a pro member and the guidance and support from edublogs in the form of email assistance and their excellent PDF help guides is second to none.

Lois a teacher from Victoria also has a great page on her personal blog called Beginning Bloggers, follow her links for more advice and help.

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  1. Hi Henrietta,

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start at your school. Teachers really do need to know “what’s in it for them and their students” before they embark or continue on with something new.

    I think you’re summarised the advantages from various viewpoints really well!

    I particularly enjoyed checking out the image from the Primary English Teachers. Great to see they’re on board with blogging!

    Finally, some of your staff/readers might be interested in the blog post I published today Five Steps to Starting a Class Blog

    Well done,

  2. Thanks Henrietta for such a comprehensive summary of the importance of blogging. Some excellent resources and links too.

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  4. As a student teacher, I love looking at classroom blogs. No longer is my learning limited to the two classrooms I get placed with, there’s literally a world of classrooms for me to visit.

  5. Thanks Henrietta for mentioning my blog post. Do you know that I wrote that three years ago, but it is as important as ever. As our world gets flatter, our students need a presence online as a platform for connection and communication. You might also be interested in knowing that Linda Yollis will be guest presenter for Tech Talk Tuesdays on Feb 22nd from 4 to 5pm. She will talk about the importance and role of commenting and involving parents. So, that is a session not to be missed. It will be recorded as well. See for more details.

  6. Henrietta Miller says:

    Thank you Anne, I say that Tech talk coming up but was on camp so had to miss it. I am though listening to your recording and listening to it now, as i catch up on some work. i would encourage others to visit the link in Anne’s comment as it is certainly an interesting session.

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