Lesson 11 – Prezi

Moving beyond Powerpoint, was the title of this techie brekkie. Although Powerpoint has its place in some presentations, it is certainly true that everyone I know has welcomed the Prezi as a new way of presenting. Prezi is one of the latest presentation tools available on the web. It claims one can ‘Create astonishing presentations live and on the web‘. My experience with Prezi is that it takes a bit of working out and getting used to but that if you give yourself an hour or two it becomes intuitive and simple to work out.

Check out the prezi site for a host of ‘how to’ videos and help guides. View other peoples prezis and decide what elements you like and those you don’t.Prezi is free to use, the sign up and log in is easy to navigate.

I showed my staff the prezi below, it was created by Tomaz Lazic (@lasic on Twitter). Tomaz is an Education Researcher at Moodle Headquarters. Getting my staff to use our moodle site to its fullest potential is an ongoing battle. So showing them this prezi, metaphorically speaking, killed two birds with one stone!

2 Responses to “Lesson 11 – Prezi”

  1. 2sparkley says:

    I have just got around to using Prezi and like you , you do need some time to sit and work out what you want where. I found that I really needed to know what I wanted to put on it before I started. Something so simple as finding out how to delete things took me ages to work out, but I eventually did.
    Also what a terrific Prezi to start with. Moodle is terrific. I love mine.

  2. Catherine T says:

    I agree, it did take a while to get myself going but once I got the hang of it, I found it was actually quite simple (and much more enjoyable than PowerPoint). I’ve chosen to use it for my final major assessment at uni – much more engaging, and something different for the rest of the class to see.

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